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"Editing the Parvati piece now and your work is stupendous. Everyone is asking who shot this? wish you were here to hear all the accolades first hand. I am so thankful for your hard work."

Martha Adams,
Film and TV Producer
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Equipment Hire

Syncline Films is committed to providing responsive, personalized customer service. With the highest standards and a diverse range of broadcast gear, Syncline Films has the flexibility and knowledge to offer equipment rental services on any scale, from a camera kit in any format to a complete television production unit. This means that you’ll always get prompt delivery, on-time pickup and accurate billing statements. In addition, our experienced technicians perform regularly scheduled maintenance and test all equipment prior to delivery. This ensures that the equipment you order is in proper working condition when it arrives at your location.

Supplying the latest technology, we can provide exhaustive professional resources and advice throughout the rental process. When it comes to our equipment you are completely in control. Each item can be hired individually, or as part of a competitively priced kit tailored specifically to your requirements. Dry hire the gear or use our professional operators, the aim is to ensure your shoot runs as smoothly as possible.

The equipment listed below can be made available to you at short notice in Delhi or any location across India either through our inventory or sourced through our alliances.

Canon 5D Mark II
Sony HDW F900 CineAlta (High Definition)
Sony DVW-700P / DVW-790P (Digi Beta)
Sony HVR-Z1P / Z1U (HDV / DVCAM /DV)
Sony DSR 450P / DSR-570P / DSR-500P (DVCAM)
Sony D-35 / D-50 (Beta SP) with 1P Dockable DVCAM recorders
Sony PD-150P / PD-170P (DV / DVCAM)

Fujinon A13, A22
Canon H J11, HJ 20, J9, J11, J20
Canon Zoom Lens EF 24 to 105 mm, f4 L Series,  IS    USM 
Canon Zoom Lens EF 16 to  35 mm, f2.8 L Series,  IS    USM    
Canon 50 mm EF Lens f1.8                                               
Sigma 28mm to 70mm f2.8     

Sennheiser mics - ME 66, MKH 416, 500 series
Shure FP 33 field mixers
Sound Device 552 Portable Audio Mixer
Sound Device 702 Portable Digital Audio Recorder
Sound device 302 field audio mixer

Sony DVW-A500 Digi Beta Recorder
Sony J3 Digi Beta/ Beta Player
Sony PVW-2800 Beta Recorder
Sony PVW-2600  Beta Player
Sony DSR-80P DVCAM Recorder
Sony HVR M15J HVD/DV/DVCAM Recorder
Sony DSR-45P DV/DVCAM Recorder
Sony DSR-11 DV/DVCAM Recorder

Sony PVM 14 L1 / L2 Broadcast Monitors
Sony PVM 9 L2 Portable Broadcast Monitors
BPL Batteries
Wide angle adaptors for Sony HVR Z1P / PD 150 / PD 170 cameras

Arri Portable lighting kit (2x 300W + 1x 600W)
HMI - 1.2KW, 2.5 KW and 4 KW
Solar - 2KW and 5 KW
Baby - 1KW
Porta kit
Battery operated Sungun
Trolleys and Cranes
Camera trolley - Straight / Round
Crane - 12Ft. and 24 Ft.

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